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Due to dramatic changes to the Langebaan environment and its lagoon (in respect to student safety) we decided to move to Blouberg.​

This enabled us to simplify our teaching approach.

For more details, see below:

Private lessons only

Lessons are private (1 instructor + 1 or 2 students)

Area: Blouberg

The lessons will take place around the beaches of Blouberg which are perfectly suited for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.

Location depends on forecast

The optimal learning location will be chosen depending on weather and tide forecast. The location will be around the beaches of Blouberg.

European education

The lessons are based on European certified standards and will be of high educational quality.



All equipment is included in the lessons. 1 kite per student.

R800 per person per hour

€50 per person per hour

Minimum of 2 hours

If you have any further questions or wish to enquire, feel free to contact us: 


Feel free to browse through our website and our adventures. Please note, the vague / greyed out areas on the website represent the previous season and will be changed over time.

+27736399204 (WhatsApp is faster!)


At Kitesurfing Langebaan & Cape Town we offer a wide variety of lessons, catering for everybody’s needs, from the beginner to advanced kite surfer.

When completing the beginner lessons in Langebaan, we want to give you the best possible start, hence we are one of the few schools who offer their students 5 hours of teaching per day. Equally, we understand this can be very intense and that it is important to rest the body and mind. This means that every day will be a long, intensive but rewarding day.

We promise you will experience pure fun and adrenaline throughout your lessons, nevertheless your safety is our paramount concern when introducing you to this extreme sport. It is not our aim to get you kitesurfing as quickly as possible, but as safely as possible, in order to make you a confident and responsible kite surfer.


We advise students who want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest amount of time, to book the complete lesson package (3 days). However, we are aware this may not fit everybody’s budget nor time schedule and therefore also offer 2 day lesson package. Please note, that students will only receive their member card after completing the course guidelines.

We offer 5 kitesurfing lesson packages:


R 3.750 p.p.

group (max 3)

R 5.750


Time: 2 days

Hours: 10


  • Rescue boat assistance

  • Kite-equipment

  • Certification

After arriving at Kitesurfing Langebaan & Cape Town you will be introduced to your instructor, who will take you to Main Beach. Your first 2 day at the beach will consist of essential information, covering the following aspects:

Day 1

  • Site assessment and underpinning knowledge

  • Fundamentals of flying a kite

  • Equipment familiarisation and preparation

  • Safety systems

  • Launching and landing

  • Tandem body dragging

Day 2

  • Water re-launch

  • Solo body dragging

  • Powered body dragging

  • Directional body dragging

  • Self-rescue

  • Board recovery

  • Waterstart preparation


R 1.300 p.p.

group (max 3)

R 1.950


Time: 1 morning or afternoon slot

Hours: 3


  • Rescue boat assistance

  • Kite-equipment

  • Certification

This additional lesson time can be booked to refresh your previously gained kitesurfing experience. A super fast refresher lesson to get you going again!

  • Key safety elements

  • Site assessment

  • Riding upwind

  • Practice boardstarts

  • Regaining confidence


R 5.400 p.p.

group (max 3)

R 8.400


Time: 3 days

Hours: 15


  • Rescue boat assistance

  • Kite-equipment

  • Certification

In two days you have a lot of experience with the kite and you will have a good kite control. Now that you are ready for the real deal, the third day will focus on the combined movement between your body, the kite and board. During this kitesurf lesson we will concentrate on the following aspects:

Day 3

  • Board start theory​

  • Basic board start

  • Stopping

  • Downwind riding

  • Speed control

At this point, you should be an independent kitesurfer that knows all the safety features. You will be capable of out on your own.


R 1.300 p.p.

group (max 3)

R 1.950


Time: 1 morning or afternoon slot

Hours: 3


  • Rescue boat assistance

  • Kite-equipment

  • Certification

To jump high is a great thrill. It requires loads of practice and perfect balance between board & kite before you take-off. There are many facets that come into play. We will analyse your jumps and give you proper advise.

But when you go up...

You will also come down! 


So we will make sure that you land soft and controlled. ;-)

  • Loads of fun

  • Take-off analysis

  • Landing analysis

  • Making your first -proper- jump


R 8.625 p.p.

group (max 3)

R 13.625


Time: 5 days

Hours: 25


  • Rescue boat assistance

  • Kite-equipment

  • Certification

For those who are really focused on becoming a fully independent kite surfer, we offer a 5 (or even 7) day course. The course covers everything, from your first theory to riding upwind, transitions and situation control.

A particular highlight of this course is the 5km uninterrupted downwinder from Shark Bay to Main Beach, a simply unmissable experience (depending on rider progression)!

5 Days

  • Physically intense (but doable!)

  • Loads of progression

  • Become an independent, safe and skilled rider

  • Your first downwinder!


Private lessons only

650 / hour

Time: on request

Hours: on request


  • Rescue boat assistance

  • Kite-equipment

  • Certification

A personal instructor for tailor-made lessons.

For example, when your last experience on the water was a bad one. Or you did you experience a stressful situation and are you in doubt?


Certain members of our staff are exceptionally experienced and calm. They understand your fear and would love to help you out. With just that extra touch and attention they will consciously make your kite-experience enjoyable again.

  • One step at a time

  • Assess the problem

  • Set yourself a goal

  • Practice kite-techniques

  • Take your time

  • Evaluate

  • Regain confidence


At Kitesurfing Langebaan & Cape Town we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service to our valued customers. We are a small but fair company, always aiming for customer satisfaction. However, as a business we also have to protect ourselves and invite our students to read our T&Cs below.

  1. We require a 50% deposit for our security, which once received will confirm and secure your booking. The remaining balance is payable upon arrival.

  2. For your added security, payments are conducted through a third party payment gateway. Our third party company uses the latest security methods for online payments, ensuring strict privacy during the transaction.   

  3. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your booked lesson time and no-shows will not be granted a refund. All cancellations prior to 48 hours will incur a R200 administration fee per person.

  4. Due to the weather dependency of kitesurfing, we request students arrive on time for their lessons. Time lost due to the lateness of students is not our responsibility and will not be accounted for.

  5. If the wind is not adequate on the day of your lesson, we will reschedule it to the next available slot. Should you only be visiting for the dates booked, then we will automatically refund your deposit.

  6. We will always operate with the safety of our students and others on the beach as our first priority. If the safety of those is compromised at any time, our instructors reserve the right to immediately terminate the lesson.

  7. Whilst Kitesurfing Langebaan & Cape Town does carry full third party liability cover, students must complete our waiver and medical form, supplied on site before commencing lessons.

  8. When booking accommodation through Kitesurfing Langebaan & Cape Town, separate terms and conditions apply.



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