While buzzing Cape Town is known for its perfect wave- and wind conditions in the kitesurfing community, the close by Langebaan lagoon is a must for everyone who wants to learn to kitesurfing whilst visiting South Africa!


Only an hour from Cape Town, a beautiful blue-turquoise lagoon awaits you with shallow, waist-deep waters. Offering ideal conditions for trick riders and beginners alike.

The South African summer season has wind (the South Easter, also known as the Cape Doctor) blowing from October to April and Langebaan is the hotspot for watersport fanatics and nature lovers.


The lagoon offers two kite spots: Shark Bay and Main Beach. At Shark Bay, the water is always shallow and offers optimal learning conditions for all who want to learn to kite on their Africa holiday. At Main Beach there is almost always guaranteed wind and the wind is very reliable since it is channelled between the hills and the village. Due to the thermal effects, the wind picks up in the morning and during the rest of the day. The wind-force is always a little stronger on Main Beach than Shark Bay. So everyone  gets their money's worth!

Langebaan is the place where kiteboarders, windsurfers, hobiecats and open-water swimmers practice peacefully next to each other. The conditions are optimal. You will learn kitesurfing safely and with ease. Our excellent team and educated instructors provide different courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced kitesurf students. A rescue boat is also available during your lessons.

The Langebaan lagoon is one of the biggest lagoons in the world, with crystal clear blue waters and a large, waist deep section, ideal for learning the basics of all watersports. Some parts have perfectly flat water, also ideal for a SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) session in the morning to deserted white beaches.


You can either drive as a day trip from Cape Town to Langebaan or stay overnight at our sea-front accommodation and book an entire course.


Langebaan is an idyllic little village on the South African East Coast and a hotspot on the map. Not only for water sports enthusiasts but also for nature lovers of all kinds.

Langebaan is also perfect for non-kiters and families with young children. It offers a relaxed holiday atmosphere, delicious cafes, restaurants and plenty of accommodation. Unique beach restaurants, abundant seafood and shopping for crafts and clothing are available at Bree Street.

White, Caribbean-style beaches also boast a lot of play potential for children. In the adjacent West-Coast National Park you will find shallow and warm swimming water, houseboats and the slow five: 'turtles, ostriches, zebras, buffaloes and a true birds' paradise.

In the nearby Buffelsfontein Game Park you can even go on a mini safari with your own car. There is also golf at the Country Club and horse riding on the beach available.

That Langebaan is the go-to place for watersports enthusiasts is clear cut. Windsurfers and kitesurfers can choose between flat, bumpy and wavy waters, all in very close proximity. A 4 mm wetsuit or shorty is recommended.

Cape Townians learn Kitesurfing in Langebaan, above you can find all the reasons!



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